forgotten Island

Escaping Town

Run aways

We last left our adventuring party in the city of Pontang. Walking through town they get the strangest feeling that they aren’t welcome. Doors and windows shut as they pass and woman are ushering their children inside on sight of the group… Vastversy quickly takes them aside and takes them down an alley in to a small room where they see a group of shuttering men and woman with one thing in common. they all had this Collar around their necks. Vastversy tells them that they are wearing slave clothes and that they need to change quickly he also tells them about the huge Slavery problem that is rampant in the Pontang and that The Heirophant is behind it. the Group Decides to buy some clothes off of Vastversy and bolt out of town. Not wanting to have anything to do with The Heirophant or Slavery as a whole.

They High tail it out of town… they are walking down the road to the nearest town through the hill side and see a drunken make with an ascot caught around a Slave Collar. He looks up and offers them a drink from his empty mug… This Drunken Man is none other then Jake. They dispatch the posion from drinking with a spell and invite him on their journey where maybe somewhere they can get his Collar Removed.



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